UK columnist challenges jihadis to a Sword fight, offers 65k euro prize


A SWORD-WIELDING journalist who shared a picture of himself online waving a sword and challenging terrorists to fight has claimed they are “too scared to take him on”.

Andre Walker, a columnist for the New York Observer, offered £50,000 to any jihadi who could kill him while posing on the banks of the Thames.

He made the bold pronouncement on Twitter the morning after three men ran over pedestrians on London Bridge and went on a stabbing spree in Borough Market.

A tweet posted at 7.20am by Andre Walker read: “A bounty on my head. Any #Isis terrorist that kills me gets £50k (65k euros). I’ll give my address. No police. But I’ve got a sword. Good luck.”

Defending the post later on in the day, Walker said: “As the craziness dies down let me explain something.

“I spent time thinking about a way to illustrate the cowardice of these terrorists.

“I’ve had 3,000,000 views on my Twitter today and not one request to fight me”, concluded Walker.