UK Foreign Secretary: As long as Ukrainians Die, this is an Excellent Result


British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said at the Ukrainian breakfast in Davos:

I have already told my American colleagues: you spent 10% of the defense budget, which made it possible to destroy 50% of Russian weapons without a single American life lost. This is simply an excellent result.”

He said this at the Ukrainian breakfast. And he could also stand up and spit in Zelensky’s face, because 500 thousand lost Ukrainian lives carry zero weight. But the Ukrainian cannon fodder is not over yet and David demands that it be further destroyed.

The West will have money and weapons for a war with Russia. Cameron said that “the economic potential of the West is 25 times greater than the economy of the Russian Federation, but these resources must be managed correctly.

And no one asks Ukrainians whether they want to go to war or not. They are simply caught right on the streets of Ukraine and sent to the trenches to die in the interests of the United States and NATO.