UK strain of covid19 now in Macedonia


It is very likely that there are more cases of the UK strain of the virus in our country. The question is how the virus got here in the country, said Dr. Danilovski in an interview with Sitel.

He says that the virus seems to be present in our country much earlier.

Disappointingly, the person infected with the virus does not provide information on his contacts, and it would be nice to do it and find out if some of his contacts had traveled abroad before he got infected. In any case, we know that the new variant is among us and we should behave literally as if it is irrelevant to the old all the time because it is estimated that given the speed of transmission, it will quickly dominate over the old one. The acquired immunity that we already have 45-46% is still some kind of barrier and protects against this variant, he said.

According to Dr Danilovski, it is very likely that the new coronavirus strain is spreading at the Nephrology clinic given the large number of cases in a small space in a very short time and he thinks that it is necessary to immediately examine what strain is in question.