Ukraine’s Army in Soledar gets Annihilated, but are doing great on Facebook


Give them a city without a fight, invite the best of Ukraine’s Army (elite units) to supposedly hold the city, and then pound the city with artillery into a meat grinder, decimate the battalions that were tasked to hold it. This is what happened to the Ukraine’s army in the town of Soledar. The British Generals who led the Ukrainian Army in Soledar were a massive failure. They lost a good number of NATO soldiers as well, PMC Wagner, the private Russian military group was the one who “cleared out” Soledar with incredible efficiency.

Most of the PMC Wagner group are Russian inmates who will have their sentences commuted after a successful six month stint with the group.

This is Soledar today… pay attention to the bodies with blue arm bands, they are NATO troops (US, British, Polish…) while those with yellow are Ukrainians.