Ukraine’s Border Guards Steal 2 Macedonian Trucks


After 12 hours of waiting at the Ukrainian-Polish border, the drivers of a Valandovo company were allowed to leave Ukraine, but as pedestrians and without the company trucks valued at over $200,000.

According to the owner of the company, the trucks were seized without explanation and without any document. Late last night, the Ukrainian border authorities only informed the drivers that they have five minutes to pack their personal belongings and leave the country, but without their trucks and the goods loaded in them.

In addition to the two Macedonians, several Russian and Belarusian trucks were confiscated, which were also stuck on the Ukrainian border for the past two weeks. The owner of the Valandovo company is now asking for help from the institutions so that he can get back the vehicles.

Both trucks were loaded with apples traveling to Russia and entered Ukraine before the conflict began. After the start of hostilities, the drivers were ordered to change course and return, but the problem arose when they arrived at the Ukrainian-Polish border, where they waited until last night.

Ukraine has been seizing private trucks and vehicles over the past two days, especially trucks who are then used in their war effort.