Ukraine’s Storm Shadow’s Strike on Crimea is Revenge for Death of NATO Officers


The head of the Ukrainian air force announced today that a landing craft of the Russian Black Sea fleet was destroyed.

Two Ukrainian Su-24s reportedly fired Scalp/Storm Shadow cruise missiles at the Russian amphibious assault ship in the port of Feodosia on the Crimean peninsula.

“The large landing craft Novocherkassk” was the ship that was “destroyed” by “air force pilots”, Mykola Oleschuk said via Telegram, thanking his men for their “excellent work” and expressing satisfaction that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is becoming “ever smaller”. The two Su-24s however were shot down by Russian S300 based in Nikolaev.

Oleschuk uploaded video capturing the moment a powerful explosion and fire broke out on a ship at the Russian naval base in Feodosia, on the Crimean peninsula.

Sergei Aksyonov, the governor of Crimea, said earlier via Telegram that “an enemy attack has taken place in the sector” where Feodosia is located, adding that ” the port area has been cordoned off,” “the explosions have stopped” and “the fire (they caused) was contained.”

There is media speculation that this attack was revenge for the death of 15 NATO officers during Russian bombing of NATO’s command post at Kostiantynivka airport where 50 Ukrainian and NATO officers lost their lives. Russia had struck the facility as NATO had used it to plan and deliver Scalp/Storm Shadow strikes aimed at both civilian and military targets in Donetsk and the Crimean peninsula.

American, British, Canadian and French “NATO” officers are present practically at all command posts across Ukraine and are directing the Ukraine-Russia war effort.