Ukrainian Forces decimated, Kiev retreats as US & UK (NATO) aim to start War in Baltics


The President of Ukraine, V. Zelensky, was informed by his Generals about the disastrous developments in Zaporizhia, Donbass and Kharkiv, Kupyansk-Liman region. The Generals briefed him on the losses in personnel, weapon systems combined with the increase in combat power of the Russian forces.

Information states that Zelensky collapsed psychologically and under the weight of the unfavorable developments he ordered a complete retreat and the creation of new defense lines from Donbas to Western Ukraine on the lines of the “Surovikin Line”!

In Kiev, they are now afraid that the worst scenario can materialize: The Russian Army will launch a counterattack which will drag the Ukrainian forces to the Dnieper and Odessa!

That is why in Kiev they decided to save what can be saved from the Ukrainian Army until – if possible – its reorganization.

Washington and London are preparing to open a second front after their disastrous outing in Ukraine.

Two successive reports from the Russian services speak of a NATO blockade in Kaliningrad and the Gulf of Finland which is constantly expanding while in an exercise NATO simulates the occupation of Russian territories.

A total of 70,000 NATO troops are located around the perimeter of the Russian enclave in the Baltic.

The Gulf of Finland is a gulf of the Baltic Sea that stretches between Finland and Estonia to the city of Saint Petersburg.

Russian report: NATO begins blockade of Kaliningrad!

“Events in the Baltic and around Kaliningrad are developing in such a way that the North Atlantic Alliance is gradually blocking the Russian enclave. “NATO is following this strategy deliberately and step by step,” says the first Russian report on the developments in the region.

In June, the United States deployed six nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles to the Atlantic, giving Washington an advantage over Moscow in the event of a nuclear war. Not surprisingly Moscow is already loading dozens of nuke silos with MIRVs.

In addition, the US and UK following the example with Ukraine, again involved the Baltic countries. Latvia has announced the need to close the Baltic Sea to Russian ships, Denmark has announced the closure of the straits to Russian ships, and the Estonians, Finns and Norwegians are beginning to block their border points with Russia.

At the same time, NATO countries are increasing their presence in the waters of the Baltic Sea. All this makes Kaliningrad’s connection with mainland Russia very vulnerable. The Baltic fleet has limited capabilities to counter the Western bloc powers.

In addition, the head of the German Defense Ministry, Boris Pistorius, announced the dispatch of a tank brigade to Lithuania to blockade the region.

NATO simulates a blockade of the Gulf of Finland and the occupation of Russian territories

The Russians also note that the Freezing Winds 23 exercise scenarios leave no room for misinterpretation of what is coming to the region.

“The armed forces of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance have started large-scale exercises codenamed Freezing Winds 23. The exercises are led by a new member of NATO, Finland, not without reason, since they practice actions against Russia in the northern direction .

A group of troops from NATO countries, numbering at least 5 thousand military personnel from different states, was deployed on the northwestern border of the Russian Federation. 30 ships and 20 aircraft are participating in the exercises.

It is noteworthy that even the official scenario of the exercises does not hide their aggressive orientation.

All we can say is good luck to Washington DC, Berlin, Helsinki and London.