“UN” Chief Name meddler Matthew Nimetz sitting on Soros owned CEU Board


For years, the chief UN name meddler was Matthew Nimetz. His role on paper was one of an independent, unbiased name negotiator whose job was to bring the two sides in the dispute to an agreement.

The problem here is that Nimetz has worked officially for Soros since 2011, yet this was never disclosed. Nimetz has sat on the Board of Directors of Soros owned Central European University since 2011.

Soros and USAid openly financed Macedonia’s regime change. And here, we have an alleged UN official who has worked and continues to work directly for Soros for years.

Did Soros hire Nimetz in 2011 knowing he can use his “help” with the name negotiations? Nimetz is anything but a UN official. As comparison, his predecessor Robin O’Neil had publicly urged the Macedonian side to quit the name negotiations stating the actual negotiations were a violation of the UN Charter for human rights.

  • strav

    Zaev and his chronies need a few bullets! Sorros needs a public beating then hanging!
    Thehypocrisy states of America needs nuking!