UN Head counters governor Baily: Macedonia to Macedonians, they already have a name



The head of the UN, Ban Ki Moon is visiting Ohrid where he met with Macedonian president Gjorgje Ivanov.
Much to the surprise of the puppets in Skopje and Athens (Zaev & Tsipras), the UN head indirectly urged Macedonia to never compromise with Greece over its ancient name.

Kanal5 TV believes Ban Ki Moon’s statements as “shocking” and states that they will likely cause serious controversy both in Skopje and Athens.

“With his statements he practically opened the question whether the right to self-determination is political, or is guaranteed as a universal right obtained at birth. When it comes to universal rights and principles, the United Nations never makes compromises,” commented Kanal 5 the statements by the UN Secretary General.

Ban Ki Moon, who arrived tonight in Ohrid and met with the members of the school of leaders, which is held under the auspices of President Gjorge Ivanov, used Macedonia’s constitutional name in all of his communication.

“Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, your beautiful Macedonia” were the most widely used words of Ki Moon, and at one point he told how in his youth, while he was a student, he used to say “Makedonia”, because it is how they called it in Korea. However, after arriving in New York he started to say the accepted English version “Macedonia”.

  • jj

    Hopefully he is sincere and is not just playing “good cop” here.

  • V.M.

    The point to change the name from the inside, because no one can change your name from outside… hence… zaev

  • Legenda Patriot

    Wow, finally some high level support outside the corrupt criminals that are hell bent on destroying our beautiful country!

  • George

    Let’s get serious here and stop listening to outside rubbish. Ooh when I was a kid I referred to it as Makedonia then Macedonia. Which and what is he referring to coz when he was a kid the only Macedonia was the Greek province or the Greek heritage of Macedonia he us referring too.

    You people have a right to live in that region and obviously want to be indepenant and autonomous. Right? Then you should have chosen a name that befits your elders and the people’s that lived there long before you were brainwashed with Macedonia. Even North Macedonia is not befitting.

    However, in order to progress this stale subject for your own people’s benefit. Note, not Greece because they don’t really have to do anything. You should accept it and be happy. Because the deal as far as Greece is concerned stinks.
    Stinks because the people will remain to be called Macedonians and speak Macedonian who live in The country Noth Macedonia. What an oxymoron is this.

    I will be happy if you reject your referendum.

    • Mech Kcbear

      Shut up u idiot.
      U & Greece have nothing to do with Macedonia.
      U didn’t in the ancient times & u don’t now..
      Out of nowhere u have popped up stating that Macedonia was Greek when in the ancient times they never for once claimed that they were of same blood or of same kin ..
      So please count ur days of enjoying that u mightve been or had Macedonian blood or a relation to us.

      • Pantelis

        Slavomacedonian means the slave in Macedonia
        Ancient times we had slaves (now Slaves) and Servants ( now Serbs)
        With the Serbs now, we become true brothers
        The Slavs we will give them to Albanians and our problem is over

        • Risto

          Haha what a delusional fuckhead you are. Greeks are the most pathetic people of Europe. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the fact you have a mono-brow, note the fact you are bald, recognise you are short and look at the hair on your back and shoulders. Ask yourself am I really european? No, mate you are not. You have been brought to Greece from the Middle East and North Africa. You have nothing to do with the ancient Greeks let alone the ancient Macedonians. Wake up and smell the roses yunanistan

          • Pantelis

            If you are a pure Macedonian please explain what Macedonia means….in your Slav language,
            Don’t take me wrong…you should be proud of you Slav heritage it is not a bad thing….

  • Mech Kcbear

    Slaveo this servant that.. What a lame piss poor effort to responsed to your claim regarding the macedonianess was & were Greek.
    Dude it is that simple to know & understand it’s either your are Greek or you a Macedonian ok you can not be or have both ok. As it was back in the ancient times it is all the same in present. Nothing has & will ever change between Macedonia & your beloved Greece fullstop.
    Macedonia your Macedonia my Macedonia is not Greek & Greece is not Macedonia..
    What do you say to yourself in the morning when you look in the mirror? Do you say I’m a proud Macedonian or a proud Greek today? bet you it’s Greek, why cause that’s what you are, your a Greek naturally not a Macedonian like I am.. Cause that’s what I say naturally I’m Macedonian my blood my DNA is Macedonian the word or meaning Greece does not even exist in my train of thought or in my dialogue in correspondences

  • Athan Paris

    100 countries accept the pseudo Skopje as Macedonia…Ask me what I know of history of The Philippines, Andorra, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana, Brunei, Burundi, etc…ABSOLUTELY ZERO….ASK THEM IF THEY KNOW THE HISTORY OF GREECE..?….ANSWER…ABSOLUTELY ZERO….They all voted because the US pushed them.. Macedonia and everything intrinsic with this name is three thousand years Greek..No pseudo peoples from Skopje have the right to steal and usurp Greek history, patrimony, culture and heritage of Greece. God willing they never will…