Unable to convict them, Zaev’s judge removes and fines attorneys of all patriots


The trial chamber led by Judge Dobrila Kacarska fined and removed from the courtroom all defendants’ lawyers for the events in the Assembly on April 27, reported Republika. Each attorney was fined 1,000 euros.

Lawyers were sanctioned after complaining about the conditions in which the interrogation of the protected Witness C1 took place in the old building of the Criminal Court where he was transferred due to technical obstacles in the new court building.

Lawyer Elenco Milovanov, after exiting the court, said that the defenders had asked the Court for the ability to write down statements from the endangered witness because his testimony could not be heard by anyone inside. They were not allowed, after which the lawyers rebelled, and therefore they were punished and removed from the Courtroom.

According to the explanation of Zvonko Davidovic, lawyer of one of the defendants, Kacarska immediately removed them from the Courtroom as soon one spoke out saying no one could here the protected witness.

According to Davidovic, Kacarska had punished all 50 attorneys for interfering with the course of the trial, which, according to them, had nothing to do with interference, instead a simple complaint that they could neither hear the witness nor take notes standing up.

Judge Kacarska stated in the minutes that today they are deprived of the right to represent the defenders in the process and that the defendants will be appointed new defense lawyers after official duty.

The defendants for “April 27” are in court, but since the public was previously excluded from today’s testimony of the protected witness, it is not known how the process will continue.