Unstable corrupt judge nominated for a Constitutional Judge


Pack your bags folks.

Unanimously in the presence of 12 members of the Judicial Council, at today’s session a proposal for the judge for organized crime and corruption Dobrila Kacarska to become a new constitutional judge was accepted.

This proposal will be sent by the Judicial Council to Parliament for a vote. Constitutional judges are elected by a simple majority of MPs.

Kacarska is a candidate for the position of Judge Vladimir Stojanovski, whose term expired in April, amid a pandemic and state of emergency. He returns to the Supreme Court after being elected a constitutional judge nine years ago.

Judge Dobrila Kacarska was seen by her peers as mentally unstable, (frequently entered into a screaming matches with subordinates, was often paranoid that all phones in the Courts are tapped.

Kacarska frequently meet with representatives of the US Embassy where she was given marching orders of who needs to be prosecuted and what the verdicts ought to be for DPNE’s officials. Last, but not least, Columbia University Law School has used judge Kacarska as a case study of a corrupt judge breaking multitude of laws during a Court proceeding. Let that sink in… the type of shady immoral and corrupt individual that is being nominated as a Constitutional judge, unless, of course the goal is precisely to nominate this sort of flawed and easily controlled person. Kacarska also happened to be the judge illegally prosecuting Kamchev on Zaev’s orders. And who can forget Kacarska’s admission of being disappointed in her inability to send “terrorist” and world famous opera singer Igor Durlovski in jail because he sang the national anthem in Parliament.

What we have in Kacarska is a truly unfit and unstable individual who just six months ago was chastised by the Constitutional Court for approving unconstitutional measures, is now ironically being promoted as a Constitutional Judge to the same Court who by the way is still ‘reviewing’ the illegal change of Macedonia’s name and the failed referendum.