US adds 1,500 soldiers to its forces in Germany


The US Army Europe is expanding its troop presence by adding 1,500 soldiers to its forces in Germany.

The military said Friday that the new unit activations are scheduled to begin this year and that the troops and their families should all be in place in southern Germany by September 2020.

According to US Ambassador Richard Grenell, they’ll add to more than 33,000 American troops already in Germany. Units include a field artillery brigade headquarters and two multiple-launch rocket system battalions in Grafenwoehr, a short-range air defense battalion in Ansbach, and various supporting unites in Hohenfels and Baumholder, AP reports.

Meanwhile, NATO has ordered Macedonia to cut their forces to 5,500. During a handball match in Skopje there are 6,800 fans, now imagine one stand is empty… the remaining would be the ‘force’ to defend the entire country…