US Ambassador Jess Baily delays vote until enough MPs are forced to vote


Officially the vote for renaming Macedonia has been “postponed” for a second time due to inability to gather 2/3 majority in Parliament. Rather than take a vote and accept failure, the vote is being delayed indefinitely until a ‘yes’ vote is guaranteed.

Once again, an American intel operative David Stephenson was present in Parliament sent by the US Ambassador to ensure a vote takes place. The only difference this time is the US Ambassador the first time around was himself present in Parliament, whereas now he sent his representative to ‘assist’ in convincing (threatening, blackmailing MPs) into voting for the name change.

Further more, wrapped with the name change are amendments that undermine the country, its sovereignty which will allow for minorities to secede in the near future.

For those old enough, will remember a former Yugoslav football referee Dushan Maksimovic who in 1976 during a match in Ljubljana stated “The game will be played until Partizan wins.” We are precisely in the same situation today – namely, the US Ambassador Jess Baily will be delaying and postponing the vote until all needed MPs have cracked under the blackmails and threats from David Stephenson.