US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily forced to retire


A career ending with a dud!

The most despised American diplomat to ever set foot in Macedonia (previously kicked out by Turkey) is certainly Jess Baily, with Philip Reeker (his boss), coming in at close second.

Baily, the scandal ridden sociopath who has meddled more in Macedonian elections and Judiciary than all of previous foreign Ambassadors put together, announced his career with the State Department is over! Just like that.

It’s another diplomat, in our case, a junior CIA operative Jess Baily ends his career after sustained contact with his creation Zoran Zaev. The Murtino messiah has done this to quite a few diplomats, it’s contagious. Ask Mad Dog Mattis, Wess Mitchell, Bryan Hoyt Yee, Angela Merkel…

In Baily’s case though, he used Uncle Sam’s BankĀ i.e. dispatched millions of US taxpayers dollars straight into the coffers of Goerge Soros. Did anyone seriously think Soros is spending his own money anywhere? The US State Department and USAid are Soros’ piggy bank. Unfortunately for our good friend Jess Baily, dozens of media reports came out that all of the USAid and State Department “aid” in Macedonia was rerouted to Soros run “NGOs”, to the tune of some $14m in the last few years. Off the books, the numbers are $50m since 2011.

The US Embassy is being investigated for over a year, most recently twelve auditors were sent to Skopje to see where the money trail goes. What they found was … Jess Baily is retiring.

These investigations will continue once Baily is shipped off to Washington, the retirement being an expected outcome considering he will be spending most of his time in Courts.

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  • Legenda Patriot

    I just hope the people of US have seen how much of their taxes this arsehole has thrown away. Crooked scum bucket.

    • Wolf

      Legend read my link above and share with others

  • Wolf
    Macedonians please start to pay attention!!!!! as i am noticing something. Above is a link for called the treaty of london. This document has just been recently edited, as recent as 16 jan 2019. Greeks are re writing history.
    Also Just do a search for solun and what comes up 99% of the time is Thessaloniki. Its hard to find solun on a map on the internet.
    Macedonians all know city of solun prior to the division of the real Macedonia 1913.
    To me Greeks and others are rewriting History as I,m Typing this letter of extreme importance.

    Copy the first line above and past it in your browser and see.
    Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the edit date 16-jan-1913

    • Billy

      You should see what activists in Bulgaria are doing on WikiPedia to Macedonian pages… everything has been changed

      • Wolf

        Wikipedia is shit

    • Legenda Patriot

      Disgusting! When will everyone wake up? It’s like they are in denial or just couldn’t care less. What the hell is going on? Thanks for posting the link! Keep up the great work! Da ziveje Makedonia!