US Ambassador to Slovenia shocked the country is making independent decisions


In an interview for a weekly newspaper close to the conservative opposition, US Ambassador Brent Hartley expressed “astonishment” on Slovenia’s decision not to join other EU member states and NATO allies after the attack with a nerve agent in English Salisbury. Though zero evidence has been presented, the British have accused Russia of the attack.

Hartley estimates that this “diplomatic initiative” of many European countries and NATO members and partner countries like Macedonia should be joined by Slovenia, and that “there is still time” for Slovenia to get aboard the “democracy train”.

“The Russians have shown they are ready for all sorts of actions that destabilizes Europe or other regions of the world. It is of great importance to the international community, that we sent a clear message to Moscow that such actions are completely unacceptable,” said Hartley, adding that there should still be hope that relations with Russia will be rectified.

Asked about the inclined attitude of the Slovenians towards the Russians, he said he was aware of this and that he is utterly “shocked of the pro-Russian orientation of the majority of Slovenes,” the Slovenian official news agency STA reported on Tuesday.

For their part, the Slovenian Government not just that it did not expel Russian diplomats, but the Government did not even put the Skripal case on their agenda to discuss it, sending a clear message to London what they think of their hoax.

  • Wolf

    Actually the more i listen to Australians in the public. NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Australians are starting to ask where is the actuall proof is was the Russians. Proof is what is missing. Sounds like Iraq all over again. So its not only Slovenia asking. But at least the Slovenian Government has balls