US and South Korea copying 1973 Egypt’s ingenuity against Israel?


US and S Korea appear to be engaged in a 1973 strategy employed by Egypt prior to the Yom Kippur war, in which the Egyptian army took back large swaths of land, including the Sinai peninsula from Israel.

The way Egypt did it is by having large scale army “exercises” on weekly basis for months. It threw the Israelis off as they believed the latest exercise on Yom Kippur was just another exercise. But on jewish most holiest of days, it wasn’t, the Egyptian army crossed the Suez Canal and dealt a heavy blow to the Israelis, who by the time they figured out what had happened, it was too late, tens of thousands of Egyptian soldiers had crossed.

Israel lost over 4,000 soldiers and over 1200 tanks, was forced to sign a peace treaty and give up the Sinai peninsula to Egypt.
The US and South Korea (lately Japan) are involved in relentless “drills” on North Korea’s borders involving 25,000 soldiers and over 230 aircraft.

In the latest drill, that started Monday (2nd in December, 6th in the past 8 weeks), Japan, South Korea and the US are testing their ability to track potential ballistic missile launches from North Korea, as tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to build with few signs of calming.

This exercise involved four warships: the Japanese JDS Chokai guided missile destroyer, the South Korean DDG Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong destroyer, and the American USS Stethem and Decatur guided missile destroyers.

All of them were equipped with the Aegis ballistic missile defense system which the Russians showed they can disable on a whim. The American-made missile defense system is meant to detect, track and shoot down incoming missiles. “During the drill, Aegis warships from each country will simulate detecting and tracking down potential ballistic missiles from the North and sharing information,” the South Korean Defense Ministry wrote.

The Americans appear to be copying Egypt’s brilliant strategy from 1973, however, the problem with their strategy is North Korea’s resolve and the fact that N Korea is not Israel. Even worse, the proximity of Seoul to the N. Korea border is a huge disadvantage for any military action. Seoul is home to 25m people which is half of S. Korea’s population and is within strike range of over 15,000 cannons and missile launchers aimed at glass skyscrapers. Even a single one of these firing will cause mayhem and panic in the city with its entire population trying to flee south.

Lastly, the Chinese Government has very openly stated, should the US attack N. Korea, China will intervene on behalf of North Korea, which translated means China will strike the US! This little fact was entirely ignored by the Deep State US Media. China & Russia will never allow the US to set foot in North Korea, as both powers share borders with North Korea and would not allow those borders controlled by Washington.