US Elections moving to the Court System


Minutes after President Trump released his statement affirming that his team would take their fight over the ballot counting “transparency” to the courts, a PA state court delivered Trump’s team its second victory in PA today, ording that all provisional count.


Earlier, Democrats in Pennsylvania on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to hold off any action involving a petition from Republicans in the state that argues the tribunal should strike down a three-day deadline extension for Pennsylvania mail ballots sent by Election Day to be received by elections boards.

The filing by the state Democratic Party on Thursday was in response to a motion by the Trump campaign to join the state GOP in its effort to overturn the deadline extension, which was implemented by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

At least now the ballots at the center of the ballots are in a safe space and segregated away from the rest of the votes, so if Trump wins, they could easily be tossed.

The Biden campaign does not intend to wait for President Trump to concede before Biden declares victory. “Donald Trump doesn’t get to decide who wins elections,” the aide said. “The American people do”…

Well, sort of…