US Electoral College formally states Biden is president


California’s 55 Electoral College votes formally pushed Democrat Joe Biden across the finish line in the actual US presidential election, based on the results of the much-contested November 3 popular vote.

Mainstream media proclaimed Biden the winner over a month ago, after he pulled ahead of President Donald Trump in four battleground states the night after the election, thanks to large numbers of mail-in ballots. Monday’s vote in the Electoral College formalizes those results, as slates of electors designated by states to validate the popular vote results, met across the US.

Under the US Constitution, states designated electors to cast their share of the votes for president, which are then officially counted by Congress in early January and certified as legitimate. The new, or re-elected, president is then sworn in on January 20.

Trump and his campaign have challenged the results of the vote in several states, pointing to irregularities such as arbitrary changes to rules or capriciously enforced procedures, but were rebuffed by local and state officials who certified the vote totals anyway. The US Supreme Court last week refused to hear a lawsuit challenging the conduct of the election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, claiming that the state had no “standing” to do so.