US Embassy activates Constitutional Court to save SDSM junta from Referendum Fiasco


On Friday, we reported the Constitutional Court suddenly decided to review the legality of the Referendum. This in itself raised the suspicion of the Macedonian public to a whole new level, considering the same Court hasn’t touched/reviewed a single case pending against the current Government structure for 16 months.

To remind, three months ago, two cases were brought to the highest court by the World Macedonian Congress and “Levica”, both stating:

  1. Referendum is illegal and unconstitutional in its nature. Macedonia already has a constitutional name and no Government or MPs can change it.
  2. The misleading multiple questions posed (EU and NATO alleged integration) have nothing to do with what the Referendum is for, namely the name change, thus breaking the law on Referendum which clearly states only one (1) question can be posed.

The Macedonian Constitutional Court has remained silent on dozens of cases it was asked to rule on (link 1) (link 2) (link 3) (link 4). Until two days ago. The Court itself is under the influence and control of the US Embassy, something MINA has reported at great lengths. Judges have been bribed, received vacationing packages from the US Embassy for years, US Embassy reps are often seen strolling through the Court, swarowski gifts, judges’ family members have been hired by Katica Janeva’s team, it goes on and on.
To say the Constitutional Court does not have the country’s best interests is an understatement.

Thanks to Macedonians’ resolve which has resulted in Baily and SDSM’s campaigning fiasco, followed by multitude of secret polls which show devastating referendum results (72% will boycott), the Constitutional Court heeded Baily’s call to “postpone” the referendum and save the US&Soros installed junta from a major debacle.

The US Embassy orders were delivered via well known SDSM backer judge Gosheva.  This morning, Gosheva requested that “all referendum related activities be stopped”.

The cowards they are, this was Baily and SDSM’s only way to avoid defeat from the people. The fascists are (temporarily) running away, and the Constitutional Court was activated to help them. The Court would not dare say the Referendum is illegal, instead will give Baily more time to prepare…

This is reminiscent to the US Ambassador’s postponement of Macedonian elections three times back in 2016 – simply because his ‘team’ needed more time in the field to bribe the populace.

Will Macedonia fall again in the same trap?

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    More twists and turns than a rattlesnake caught in a corner. Get the axe and cut its head off!