US Embassy defacto governs Macedonia, gives orders to Zaev who to hire


Dozens of Macedonian citizens, loyal to the US Embassy and USAid grant recipients have been hired in the Macedonian Government.

Zaev simply receives a list of names given to him by the US Embassy, and then they are promoted to Governmental positions, reports Infomax.

Jasminka Anevska, who was supposed to be promoted as a Government spokesperson, took a back seat to Mile Boshnjakovski, a USAid employee and base player for the band “Reporters” who weirdly was created and sponsored by US grants. Other members of this ‘band’ are Stojan Trpchevski, long time MTV editor, hired during the terrible, terrible Gruevski regime, Borjan Jovanovski, a well known sorosoid and long time recipient of EU and USAid grants, Dragan Antonovski, still looking to be inserted in Government.

Petrit Sarachini, the singer of this band is the new spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture. Darko Leshovski, an 8 year veteran working for USAid will become a Governmental advisor.

Marjan Zabrchanec, who managed half a dozen “NGO”s financed by USAid is now a Governmental advisor. He was heavily invovled in the protests last year who were proven to have been financed by USAid which resulted in investigations in the US Senate.

Zoran Bojarovski, a fake journalist working for a fake NGO dubbed “Service for verification of facts” founded and financed by USAid is now the chief coordinator for Government communications.

Essentially, the US Embassy has defacto populated key Macedonian Government positions with people (read operatives) on USAid (CIA) payroll.

We doubt Gruevski has the capacity to understand the level of treason he committed by signing the Przino Agreement. All of this, stems from that agreement.

  • Its Just Me

    Well one thing America certainly forgets is, that Turkey and other countries are also interested. Turkey especially will not be happy about it. And the people will protest once this gets to their heads. And that will end the puppet government. Too many wars have taken place in the Balkans, and the USA certainly does not have so much money to pay all the interested parties… It will crash like a house of cards in their face, a very expensive house of cards

  • Billy

    But this was expected. Zaev needs to go. SDS needs to go.

  • Its Just Me

    SDS – Socijalno Destruktivna Stranka
    Socijalno Destruktiven Sojuz
    Socially Destructive Society