US Embassy financed Polls find Zaev greatest man on planet


Just when you think there is no way the SDS can sink any lower, after financing pro-pedophilia articles, throwing mud on a Governmental vehicle and then calling journalists to complain (look what VMRO did to the car), to hiring street thugs as investment advisors and ex prisoners for Zaev’s personal advisors, to the disaster in Sofia…now we have a poll by Brima Gallup where it found that Zaev is the most popular politician in Macedonia.

As a reference this is what Brima found just few days before the elections:


Now, with Macedonians furious with the new Government, and particularly with Zaev, something had to be done by his handlers.

BRIMA Gallup’s Gjorgji Kimov was summoned to the US Embassy on June 21st. He spent two hours there. Two days later, a poll appeared in which Zaev is more popular than Gruevski by 3.7% (17%-13.3%)

Hopefully Kimov got decent money from Baily Inc because that’s pretty much the end for that polling agency.

Nobody in Macedonia is buying these fake polls. People are already asking the obvious: if Zaev is in the lead, why is he and his handlers hell bent on postponing and altogether avoiding the upcoming local elections?

VMRO-DPMNE on their part are encouraging Zaev to accept the polls as a great result for his party and call for early elections.

  • Tajno Ime

    Could it be that Zaev has some Bulgarian
    roots? So maybe whatever he said is truly how he feels about Bulgaria
    (and not how we feel)… If he sees “joint history” maybe that is his
    family history.. I hope I am wrong 🙂 And yes, we are way too smart to believe in “fake news” hahaha. One thing missing is that the Nobel prize was invented by Bulgaria (he would say), and that Zaev won it this year and will rename it :)))