US Embassy: Macedonia picked a corrupt DUI official to head Prosecutor’s Office


The new ambassador of the USA in Macedonia, Angela Aggeler, is confused by the choice of the new head of the Prosecutor’s Office for prosecuting organized crime and corruption.

The corrupt selection of Islam Abazi to head the prosecutor office in Macedonia is the #1 topic in the country.

On questions from Macedonian media, Ambassador Agelar sharply criticized the whole process, which, according to Aggeler, is confusing, especially since the Embassy has paid millions for training prosecutors and judges and others in Macedonia’s justice system, yet it remains by far the most corrupt system in Europe, if not the world.

The Dutch embassy, ​​on the other hand, brought the course of Macedonia’s accession negotiations with the EU into direct relation with the work of this prosecutor’s office and how it will deal with cases of corruption and organized crime at a high level.

The reaction of the EU Delegation went in a similar direction.