US Embassy trains SPO on subversion tactics ahead of Local Elections


Several SPO prosecutors spent 10 days ‘training’ at the US Embassy ahead of the local elections, reports TV Nova, not specifying the reason for the training.

Considering how the SPO was set up, the complete control of the US Embassy over this illegal prosecution office, one can only speculate the “training” had nothing to do with improving the SPO prosecutors’ skills and everything to do with subversion the election process and assisting Zaev in the upcoming elections.

The SPO prosecutors has thus far failed to even resemble a professional office and function more as a criminal office who makes up cases and has already attempted to bribe ‘witnesses’ to sign prepared fabricated statements in order to bring down the DPMNE leadership.

The alarm has been raised by Prime Minister Jess Baily after latest polls show major defeat for the SDS despite numerous attempts made by Zaev to get help via multiple venues – quietly released A1 TV owner Velija Ramkovski from jail, released 4 criminals from prison to aid in intimidating voters.

The SPO “training” undertaken by the US Embassy is the same as the ‘training’ the US Embassy provided to Venezuela’s public prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz before their elections. After massive unrest which saw the US pump $160m to Venezuela’s opposition to keep protesting, in addition to the millions to Venezuela’s public prosecution, the CIA coup had failed and the US bribed public prosecutor fled to Colombia.
One can only hope for the same scenario in Macedonia, but don’t hold your breath. Venezuelans showed tremendous levels of bravery, essentially forcing their traitors out of the country.

Meanwhile, the deeply corrupt Macedonian Constitutional Court is still (18 months and counting) working on reviewing the legality of the SPO. All constitutional experts have stated the SPO is unconstitutional and the Court is unwilling to review the case because if they do, they will be forced to strike it down. There isn’t a queue or other cases at the Constitutional Court, however the SPO case just can’t seem to make it on their agenda.