US replicating same “drama” in Greece: Tsipras survives No-Confidence vote


After a scenario already seen in Macedonia, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras after some manufactured high-tension drama won a confidence vote on Wednesday, which will pave the way for parliament to ratify an accord he agreed last year with Macedonia.

Macedonian Deja-Vu

Just like in Macedonia Tsipras narrowly clinched the support of 151 lawmakers in the 300 seat parliament, meeting the threshold he had set to avoid calling early elections.

He called the confidence vote on Sunday, after his right-wing coalition partner Panos Kammenos resigned in protest over the accord.

  • neutrinoz

    Before Greece’s Giga-debt have been red-shielded and sudden regional non principal coalitions over undersea gas reserves took place. Followed by business-as-usual autocefality hand over to ukistan with bartolo-meow in the role of main waiter. Rings the bell?
    Does anybody remember popular kitchens on the streets of Athens for impoverished citizens? Journalistic outcries for compassion? Floater stories about everyday suffering of the little greek man?
    Guess what. Like with magic wand … “Aaaaand it’s gone”

  • Billy

    Whatever it takes to distract the masses…

  • Wolf

    Of course he survived
    It’s not rocket science.