US soldiers injured after dangerous cat & mouse chase in Syria


Dramatic video which emerged Tuesday shows the latest “close call” between US, Russia, and Syrian national forces who are jostling for control of northeast Syria, after a prior incident resulted in a rare exchange of fire at a Syrian Army checkpoint, killing two Syrian soldiers.

The Pentagon is reporting multiple US troops injured with what are being described as “concussion-like injuries” as a result of collisions with Russian armored vehicles.

The footage is being widely reported as showing Russian Army vehicles and even a chopper giving chase to an American armored convoy in northeastern Syria.

And further videos, one apparently taken from one of the Russian vehicles, confirm that Russian military forces were involved. 

The close-up view reveals just how close the two rival parties were during the standoff, further suggesting they were a single gun shot away from a direct battle.

And here’s the account of Beirut-based al-Masdar News, which is known for having reporters on the ground and sources within the Syrian Army:

The Russian army was filmed on Tuesday, chasing U.S. military vehicles traveling through the Al-Hasakah countryside in northeastern Syria.

According to field reports from northeastern Syria, Russian army vehicles, along with one of their choppers, was seen chasing U.S. military vehicles near the border-city of Al-Malikiyah in the eastern part of Al-Hasakah.

At least two videos of the incident were released on Wednesday, both showing the Russian army attempting to intercept the U.S. military vehicles in the Al-Hasakah countryside.

This latest incident underscores that though the Syria conflict has long been out of international headlines and media coverage, the potential for superpowers entering direct conflict there remains high as ever. 

The US military and the Trump administration are not even hiding the fact they are there to steal Syria’s oil… which a long way from “we are here to fight ISIS”.