US State Department and British “PR firms” coined illegal Macedonian Referendum Question


More and more officials are spilling the beans after the Referendum Fiasco. Same goes for both local and foreign media who are exposing the dirty work of their Governments.
In Macedonia, we found out that the clueless Government junta not just was not involved in the “negotiations” with Greece, they were told the new name must be North Macedonia within a week after they were installed in power by an Anglo-American coup.
For those born after 2002, Bill Clinton’s CIA “offered” North Macedonia in 2001. This blackmail from Washington is ongoing for 17 years and during the past decade and a half worked on installing a complete imbecile as Prime Minister to do their dirty work.

The alleged negotiations between Macedonia and Greece was a complete charade, a smoke screen from day one. There never was any negotiations. The travesty of a document dubbed “Prespa Agreement” was written by the US State Department Nazis with effective assistance from their colleagues in the UK at Gabara Strategies and Stratagem International (both affiliated with MI6).
Macedonia and Greece had zero involvement in the document. Greece however did request that ASNOM be removed from the Constitution which the Nazis at the State Department were happy to oblige – they had removed everything else: identity, language, history, future, why not the foundation itself, ASNOM.

London-based ‘PR firm’ Gabara Strategies out of the goodness of their hearts offered to help the Macedonian government junta win the Referendum. The proposal, whose authenticity was later confirmed by Gabara’s founder and president, Ivo Gabara, included a raft of conventional measures such as making sure the two (UK & Macedonian) governments made a joint statement. One is leaving the EU, the other wants to join, so a joint statement to the idiots made perfect sense.

Part of Gabara’s contract included a section on setting up supposedly opposition social media groups which would actually be under the company’s control to “channel, infiltrate and divide the opposition”. In June, Mr Gabara told the Guardian that the Macedonian prime minister“ had agreed to the proposal.

The Brits were essentially funding fake “opposition” groups in Macedonia who are actually Soros & SDSM activists. This is nothing new, fake opposition groups have been created by the US and British Governments in dozens of countries where the main goal is either destabilization or taking over.

While the US State Department Nazis were writing up their Prespa Agreement, a British Foreign Office spokesperson said for the Guardian: “The UK is funding a small number of independent experts to offer technical advice in support of the referendum. They are a resource for the referendum task-force”. The impression given by the UK was that this was just impartial ‘help’ in setting up the referendum. That of course was not the case – the company said the FCO had completely funded “its work” on Macedonia, saying “Stratagem International is a resource for the referendum Taskforce (Yes Campaign).” <—- Not sure about you, but we’re very tired of Russians meddling in Macedonia’s internal affairs!

The British “PR firms” created Macedonia’s Referendum question. If the authors of the illegal Prespa Agreement was the State Department, it was the British who coined the Referendum question. Once again, zero involvement by Macedonia even for their own referendum question. The clueless criminal Government junta in Macedonia has taken puppetry to whole new levels.

The British cretins’ tactic was to ensure the referendum question does in no shape or form mention the fact the country is being renamed to North Macedonia. Instead, to deceive the public all focus was put on “European” Macedonia, EU and NATO and then as a side note the Prespa Agreement. The State Department was pleased with how deceptive and in their mind ‘clever’ the Referendum question was and approved it. Apparently both the American and British players in this fiasco have the same IQ as Zaev, which makes sense why they get along so well.

As to the control the US State Department Nazis, aka the Deep State has over European broilers and vassals is the fact that nearly all Western European GMO products were forced either to visit Macedonia (Merkel, Kurz, May, Tusk, Hahn, Stoltenberg, Mattis…) or in the case of Macron issue dedicated speech to the Macedonian people. Only the Italian PM told the State Department to fuck off. And they certainly couldn’t ask Erdogan or Orban.
In the end, this stupidity, this illegal Referendum and charade of course backfired terribly.
If Macedonians can recognize one thing, it’s fascists and Nazis.