US State Department endlessly trolled after idiotic remarks on Macedonian Referendum


The US State Department (the same people who cherish America’s close friendship with Germany that started on D-day) needed 9 hours to put together a statement after it became known that the Macedonian Referendum suffered an epic debacle.

During these 9 hours, nobody in Brussels issued a comment because they awaited what the plantation owner on Floor 7 at the State Department will say before they can use their Twitter accounts.

And then it happened: An intern at the State Department tweeted that they welcomed the referendum vote. Oh good, I was certainly getting concerned, what if they didn’t welcome it? The plantation owner concluded that the will of the people who voted ‘yes’ should be considered, and for the majority who boycotted, well, the majority is not important particularly if Prime Minister Jess Baily can’t bribe them with $45 million dollars. No mentioning of the fact the referendum failed. Why deal with little things, like facts.

The US Deep State policy on Macedonia is: Your mouth says NO, your swings and punches clearly say NO, but your Hips say YES.

Finally, after the State Department coughed up their usual nonsense, the cretins in Brussels got the green light to tweet the same comments. Norwegian cab driver Jens Stoltenberg, the Zaev of NATO who famously held a speech in a parking lot in a Skopje suburb in front of 7 people was quick out of the gates.

However, the tweets ‘of support’ from Brussels abruptly stopped after merciless trolling from all parts of the world. In addition, the newspaper headlines from around the world certainly did not help the plantation owner.

But we understand. You had to come up with your delusional press release (which Trump rightfully calls Fake News) to justify the fact the US Embassy spent $45 million only in the last 30 days (over $150m since 2016) to ensure “Referendum success” by bribing individuals, ‘journalists’, MPs, businessmen, judges, athletes, actors, singers, TV stations, radio stations… and failed. To quote a Macedonian journalist: “Apart from terrorism, the US Embassy is by far the best thing for Macedonia’s economy, they have given cash to so many people“.

It’s time for Prime Minister Jess Baily to step down. The man has hired and surrounded himself with quite the idiots. Zaev, Dimitrov? That’s the best you could hire? All Macedonians expect much more from their Prime Minister. Baily, accept responsibility for the Referendum fiasco and leave your post as PM. Even the plantation owner must be fed up with you by now.