US State Department sends CIA Deep State shill to “assist with referendum”


If you think CIA psycho Jess Baily is enough, you’d be wrong.
The non meddling US State Department is sending another asset to ensure the Macedonian referendum goes “well”.

Alfa TV exclusively learns that Matthew Palmer, described simply as a senior official in America’s Foreign Ministry is expected to visit the country on Wednesday. MINA finds however that Palmer is not a senior official. Instead, he is filling the shoes of fired Deep State shill Brian Hoyt Yee. Palmer is the deputy assistant for EuroAsian affairs, essentially a fourth rate “diplomat” like Brian Hoyt Yee. His job is to “help” find a solution to the political crisis over the referendum and changing of Macedonia’s name. Palmer’s arrival is confirmed by diplomatic circles in Skopje, meaning the US Embassy.

The US Deep State is pulling the same stunt it did with Hoyt Yee. Dispatches a nobody to exert pressure on naive Macedonian politicians. Palmer too will meet with Ivanov. Why is Ivanov wasting his time with Palmer? For the same reason he wasted his time with Hoyt Yee. Because a postal worker can bluff Ivanov out of his shoes, force him to do/say anything, so why not Palmer give it a go. They are running the same script on our amateur politicians.

Alfa TV sources say Palmer’s visit is part of a diplomatic effort in which The US and UK seek a way to reduce the possibility of a boycott of a referendum that is becoming ever more certain. One of the issues that will be discussed with the American “heavyweight” is the variant in which the government would propose a new referendum question, different from what the ruling coalition proposed and voted.
Palmer’s main goal is get the DPNE ‘onboard’ for the referendum, with the SDS already being in Baily’s pocket.

Last night, the Macedonian Parliament without the consent of the opposition and in the absence of the MPs from DPNE voted for the referendum to be held on September 30, and the citizens will have to answer the following three questions with a “yes” or “no”: “Are you for EU and NATO membership and in support of the Agreement between Macedonia and Greece? “. According to VMRO-DPMNE, the referendum issue is imprecise, multifaceted and manipulative, and by being consultative instead of binding, it opens the possibility to interpret the result of the referendum any way the Government wishes. Regarding the issue and the character of the referendum, the government and the opposition failed to reach an agreement in the past period at the leader’s meetings and at the parliamentary level.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Imagine if the Russians sent someone to meet with Ivanov… it would be an earthquake of leftists lunatics screaming… but when American leftists meddle in the country… no biggy, it’s actually expected.