USAidCIA gives SDSM junta $23m to buy votes and push through name change


Three weeks before the referendum, the US Government continues to interfere in Macedonia’s internal affairs, this time by giving additional $23m towards “referendum assistance”.

The agreement was signed between Macedonia’s puppet government, represented by the Ministry of Finance and the United States of America, represented by USAID.

For this purpose, Macedonia was visited by USAID’s High Representative, Grechen Birklee. The signing was attended by the US Ambassador and Macedonia’s governor, Jess Bailey and the USAID office director David Eberté.

– The deal is particularly important. The funds are intended for activities that will enable increased growth of the private sector, greater involvement of the citizens in decision-making, enhanced good governance and improved cohesion in the society, stressed MF Tevdovski.

He added that this agreement strengthens co-operation with the United States that supports Macedonia’s progress on its way forward.

However, MINA finds this latest financial injection by USAidCIA will be exclusively used in massive bribery scheme “pay-to-vote” where families will be given between 300-350 euros to go out to vote.