Vardar embarrasses itself against Real Sociedad


Vardar registered its third defeat in the Europa League, and this one may sting quite a bit after the Macedonian champ went down 0-6 at home.

Komiti sang songs to their club after the match ended, as a way to console their players who left the pitch with their heads down. Judging by Vardar’s display, the theme song from Titanic would have been a more appropriate send off.

Vardar could have done quite well against Real Sociedad, however, 2-3 weak links in the home side may be undoing the entire team. In premier competitions, the majority of the teams do not have ‘weak’ players among their first eleven.
For Vardar, ironically, the team captain Boban Grncharov weakness is more evident with every match in the Europa League. As a defensive player, Grncharov inability to keep up with and cover attacking players resulted in four goals for Real Sociedad this evening. The 35 year old captain wasn’t able to cover Willian Jose, frequently backing off three four steps as Jose held the ball giving him ample time to either blast a shot on goal or create a scoring chance for a teammate. Not surprisingly then, Jose scored four goals!

Vardar created their own chances upfront, however it is evident the club needs a prolific goal scorers, and those don’t come cheap.

In the end, somber Janevski showed up at a press conference taking all the blame for his club’s embarrassing loss. He apologized to fans for his team’s performance, however things are not getting easier as in two weeks Vardar is traveling to Spain to face Real Sociedad once again.
Grncharov is #6 here…