Venezuela sets US “Aid” trucks on Fire as Maduro tells Trump “Yankee go home”


True to his word, it appears the humanitarian aid trucks being sent from the west into Venezuela have been repelled by Maduro’s guards as reports come in from social media that they are all now on fire.

As we detailed earlier, unrest in Venezuela is intensifying at border crossings (just as Moscow warned) with Colombia after President Nicolas Maduro declared the borders with both Colombia and Brazil closed late this week, and after violence at a town near the border with Brazil left two dead and 17 injured when national guard soldiers opened fire on a group of civilians  who thousands in ca$h to act as apparent border & customs officials, attempting to keep open a segment of the southern border with Brazil for deliveries of weapons masked as “humanitarian aid”.

Tensions appear to be coming to head this weekend as previously US-backed CIA puppet Juan Guaido promised to personally lead caravans to ensure ‘aid’ is brought in from both Colombia and Brazil, in order to undermine and otherthrow the Maduro government.

US has thrown all of its resources and is using Venezuela’s own cash on their attempt to destabilize the South American country. This includes and not limited to recruiting the presidents of other US puppet states in the region, like Colombia’s Duque, and Chile’s Piñera.