Venko Filipce: It’s too early to open Macedonian borders


It’s still too early to open borders and if they are opened, a great majority of the measures and the benefits from the national strategies could go down the drain, Venko Filipce said Wednesday.

The opening of borders must be coordinated between the neighboring countries at least. This is why I visited Greece, where we discussed the way the border will be crossed, what tests might be needed and the ways for free health insurance in case someone contracts the disease in some of these countries, the Health Minister told reporters, adding an official letter had been sent to the Greek Health Ministry containing all the points.

The Ministry is yet to send a reply, he said.

Serbia has announced it will open borders on June 1.

Considering the circumstances here, it is still too early (to open borders), stated Filipce, noting the issue required a serious approach.

There’s no need to rush. We have a system to respond to all demands for travels of individuals abroad or foreigners arriving in the country and also our nationals returning to the country through the government HQ, he said.