Video: Crvenkovski told Bulgaria it must recognize Macedonians living there


Crvenkovski was absolutely seen as a ‘traitor’ and easily bribed in Macedonia, but even he had red lines. He would never jeopardized Macedonia’s standing in the region, particularly when it came to its language and identity.

Of course, all of this changed when GMO product Zoran Zaev was installed in Government.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Whatever…..When are the protests going to start again. The real revolution.

  • Its Just Me

    Exactly, we all know what is in the agreement When are the protests starting? If Zaev was in opposition, he would have already painted the city red! Where is the color revolution now? Nowadays its easy to schedule a protest online, “invite all” via a Facebook Event “Protest” right? 🙂 Maybe Gruevski camps in front of the government… He could even go as far as buying hansaplast, taping it on the forehead and erasing a hypothetical tear from his cheek in front of a camera, claiming Zaev hit him, get some support from abroad 🙂 If we only knew how many hansaplast packages Zave ordered just for meeting all people in EU and pose for the camera, I mean ahansaplast-government, that is what we have now