Video: Mavrovo skiers removed, stuck on Ski Lifts so Zaev can pass through with snowmobile


Zaev and his friends decided to take for a snow trip to Mavrovo, after coming back from a two week ski vacation in Germany and Austria. C’est la vie.
While in Germany and Austria, skiers were zooming past Zaev and there didn’t appear to be any preferential treatment.

In Macedonia, all skiers were removed from the slopes and tourists riding on ski lifts were stopped mid-air, so Zaev can pass through the slopes.

  • Tony

    Only if there was a avalanche

  • Legenda Patriot

    Not deadly enough to kill this prick! He would melt all the snow with all the hot air coming out of his stupid empty head. How about a snow pick to fix him up?

  • Goran Stavreski

    I don’t think even Kim Jong Un does this

    • Beco da silva

      Kim jong un is a gentleman. We have an ARSEHOLE

  • Beco da silva

    This low life scum has to go. His day will come. Karma