Russian exercises Vostok 2018 – genius chess move


The reason why Russia has moved 300,000 troops, thousands of rockets and machinery to the East
1. Russia’s Far East is the sweet spot. The flight path of Russian rockets to strike the US from Siberia’s far east is less than 9 minutes to continental USA.
2. This is a counter chess move to the Yanks (Israel and UK) not to do something psychotic in Syria, as everyone expect they would.
3. Should the Yanks proceed with their plans, Moscow is well positioned for a quick strike. Whatever happens in Syria, the response will come from Siberia.
4. The inclusion of China into the strategic maneuvers spells even more trouble for the Deep State.

  • Billy

    Makes total sense… and yes, it’s a genius move… the US has zero defense simply because they are so used to attack others abroad, they never figured someone can strike them at home, and quickly at that…