Video: Zelensky drinking on the job?


The false flag in the Nuclear plant in Zaparozhye assisted by the CIA and MI-6 run media was not successful. The Ukrainians tried to damage the plant, set it on fire, to provoke some sort of action by NATO, for example a “no-fly” zone across Ukraine. In the end, the Russians took and secured the plant.

New false flag is under way today in Mariupol where the Ukrainian Nazi units “Azov” have shelled residential buildings, blaming the Russians for it. This false flag too did not go through. Mariupol, as we reported in the past is the place where roughly 20,000 hardcore Ukrainian Nazi members are grouped and are now surrounded by Russian units. Azov has refused to allow any civilians from living the area, as they are using them as human shields. If Azov lets civilians leave, it’s game over for them.

Meanwhile, here is Zelensky giving a presser from an undisclosed location (our sources say he is in Lvov). Is he drinking on the job?

Below is French TV red pilling their viewers after woman who just returned from Ukraine describes what’s really going in the country…