VMRO are the White Helmets of Macedonia – mathematically precise, Oscar worthy acting


81 are actually needed for 2/3 majority. We noticed MPs don’t know the most basics of laws. But considering how UCK’s Xhaferi was put in Parliament….

Now, for those with Macedonian passports, frame them as a good memento. This is all thanks to Macedonia’s White Helmets, the VMRO-DPMNE. Not much can be said of the SDS, and we never do, due to their official status as a disease. Instead, our focus will be on the Macedonian White Helmets.

The VMRO played their “opposition” role to a perfection. And if the Deep State gave Oscar to the White Helmets, one certainly needs to be heading VMRO’s way.

To quote VMRO’s bubble-head – ‘everything is mathematically precise’. And it was.
This started long ago, but I’d have to write few volumes to cover all the treason by VMRO since the 1990s.
Instead, I’ll pick things up with Mickoski’s announcement that he would vote “No” in the Referendum. This was very telling where things are. The bubble-head quickly disappeared after being scolded by thousands of people for not openly calling for a boycott.

VMRO unveiled their treason before, during and especially after the referendum. Their role of allegedly “opposing” and being against signing the agreement was all a huge theatrical ploy from day one.

Now, we have to make something clear. There is no question MPs were bought. If they are going to have their last name forever branded as traitors, they might make some money in the process. And they did.

However, VMRO’s (bought) leadership could have easily, very easily prevented all of this. If it wasn’t Mukoski, Milevska… it was going to be someone else, Rangelova… Danev…
We knew from day one who was negotiating with Baily. We mentioned Elizabeta Prada Milevska last weeek, Nola Starova over three weeks ago. There is no question VMRO’s leadership were fully aware of this. We got the information ourselves from another VMRO MP.
A sane political party, the moment they found out Milevska, Starova etc met with Baily’s reps would have immediately expelled them and replaced with someone else. Or simply order all of your MPs out of Parliament, end of story.

However, despite knowing who the traitors are, they left them untouched – that was the deal.

Macedonia’s White Helmets put on a show two days ago when they refused to ‘debate’ in Parliament. Only today to see all MPs back in Parliament (with at least 10 of them meeting with Baily himself in Xhaferi’s office), an SMS from SDS official confirmed this.

VMRO was in on it, always were. To complete the drama, imagine this, the VMRO leadership expelled the traitors from the party after they voted (not when meeting with Baily for weeks). Again, Oscar worthy performance to the last second.

Why were they in Parliament today? If you’re strongly against something, there is no need to be in Parliament.
Mathematically and precisely, bought.

“VMRO MPs bow to Baily’s driver” – Mirka Velinovska.

Macedonia’s White Helmets, the VMRO are history, just like Macedonia.

  • Tony

    This world of humans are totally fucked up
    Vial, greedy, selfish is what we are seeing more and more of these days.

    I can’t believe this has happened in the 20th century absolutely disgusting.

  • V.M.

    I’ve had a pounding headache all day long, always knew VMRO will sell out, it was too obvious.
    VMRO needs to be shut down, for good.

  • Maco

    Disgusting. I always said the only way to save Macedonia was a public uprising or a people’s revolution. The Macedonian people decided to lay their faith in a false VMRO and politicians with no values, morals or patriotism. It wasn’t too hard to foresee that Macedonia and the Macedonian people would be betrayed. This is a first in the history of mankind where a nation – the Macedonian ethnic group – has inflicted their own ethnic cleansing and genocide. And all without a fight or the firing of a gun. What a shameful day.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    Well Macedonia and the people of Macedonia you have signed your death warrant, as a nation and as a ethnic race, Well done!!!!. Very soon you will see of what you have sown, get ready for a Balkan war that will make Syria look like a school day parade and yes you have given what those EU psychopaths what they have always wanted an easy excuse and pretext to start ethnic cleansing not just in Macedonia but all over the Balkans where they Orthodox Christians have reigned for centuries. Now watch and see how much of these Islamic satanic psychopaths

    • Tony

      The people haven’t
      The politicians have done it without the people’s consent.

      Now is the time to activate a coup

    • Meceto Tulituliovski

      what the fuck you talking about , you mental idiot? war, when we enter NAto? your brainwashing is undeniable , stupid!

  • Macedonian Forever

    For 2 years VMRO did not enter the parliament for any reason to debate.
    VMRO supported the BOYCOTT of the referendum.
    But for some reason they entered the parliament at this crucial moment when all they had to do was to continue to BOYCOTT by not being anywhere near the parliament and the vote could not pass….so what the fuck is really going on.