VMRO continues empty rhetoric after Zaev’s call to fire all Judges


VMRO-DPMNE strongly condemned a statement by SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev at a recent interview that his party will perform a general recall and re-appointment of judges in Macedonia.

“We all remember how our judiciary hit rock bottom in the 1990ies, when SDSM performed a general re-appointment of judges, naming 600 of them through their partisan machine.

Zaev now wants to repeat this scenario to save himself from responsibility over the crimes he has perpetrated. He was pardoned once by President Branko Crvenkovski over the eight million EUR worth ‘Global’ corruption scheme in Strumica. Now, Katica Janeva saved him from responsibility in the wiretapping case. The entire public saw the video of him asking for a bribe for his brother in a new Strumica real-estate corruption.

We all know how the Strumica Gas and Carevi Kuli companies are used illegally”, VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Darko Kostovski said at a press conference.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe in Macedonian, Zaev said that the judiciary needs to be dismissed and then re-elected. Recall and appointment of judges is done through the Judicial Council to avoid partisan interference.