VMRO doesn’t recognize Xhaferi, then sends Todorov to kiss hand


VMRO-DPMNE continues with their tradition of saying one thing to the press, then doing completely the opposite 20 minutes later.

In an interview with the press while discussing the upcoming hosting of UEFA’s Super Cup, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE stressed Xhaferi is illegitimate parliament speaker, and they can recognize him only as an MP.

20 minutes later, (see video above), Nikola Todorov was sent to meet with Xhaferi, aka commander Forina to discuss the challenges facing local mayors after their duties end on May 15th, per the Constitutional Court.

SDS sent Oliver Spasovski to attend the same meeting. Both Todorov and Spasovski refused to give statements to media after the meeting.

Gruevski continues to be focused on the important issues facing Macedonia: has walked through every farm in the country, opens new daycare centers, performs feasibility studies on sidewalks… he is a busy man.

  • Goran Stavreski

    My father was a hardcore VMRO supporter when most of the current MPs weren’t even born. Now, it’s a bit different, he is cursing them every day.

  • LXV

    Macedonian patriots need to stop trusting all these duplicitous snakes, including the strategically blind DPMNE leadership!

    After hearing DPMNE’s promises of becoming “a constructive opposition” and watching Eftov’s interview with the incumbent FA minister Poposki yesterday, it’s clear as a day they too are in this “political fight” only for personal gains and profits…