VMRO has numerous traitors within its ranks – bought MPs voted in referendum


The referendum failed, as we and most Macedonians expected. MINA even predicted precisely by how many votes the referendum will fail.

Not even a day has gone by, and already quite a few Macedonians have sour taste in their mouth because it was revealed that multiple VMRO-DPMNE MPs voted in the referendum. Although everyone has a right to vote, still, the so called Macedonian party continues to find ways to betray their people.
The current discussion now, albeit in a joking manner is that these must be some new breed of VMRO representatives, who have not a shred of the actual VMRO ideology within them.

This came as the Macedonian public scolded several high ranking VMRO officials who ‘decided’ to boycott the referendum once it became crystal clear the Referendum will fail. But this is a different topic.

Journalist Vasko Eftov in his analysis on Alfa TV of the referendum outcome, stated it’s been confirmed at least 9 bought VMRO MPs voted in the Referendum. While most of these MPs have remained silent (for obvious reasons) there are those like Danev who apparently thinks no one saw him voting so he sent out a patriotic FB post… much to the disgust of many. He got lambasted on his FB profile.

The VMRO-DPMNE MPs did not realize they were being watched and sneaked out as early as they thought it’s viable so they don’t get seen/filmed. “Some voted at 7, 8am” said Eftov.

VMRO as a political party appears to live in some sort of multi dimensional bubble and don’t seem to realize the public rightfully doesn’t trust them. And this fiasco makes matters only worse for them, clearly opening the door for Levica led by Dr Dimitar Apasiev (University Professor in Shtip) who in major way led the Boycott movement in Macedonia through TV appearances.

Garbage always rises to the surface

We gave you the VMRO traitors five days ago, and now Eftov and others confirmed it. Daniela Rangelova, the toxic president of VMRO-DPMNE’s Women Union was the first to vote in the referendum – she is an early riser. Danev and the rest followed suit. Week before the referendum VMRO VP Mitko Jancev sided with Zaev and asked the public to go out and vote!

If VMRO thinks of itself as a serious political party (and we very much doubt this), they need to expel every single traitor from its ranks. Perhaps one of my colleagues put it best the other day when he asked “Are there VMROvci in VMRO anymore?”
And the answer is maybe, but certainly leaning towards “no” with every passing day…

Dragan Danev was ‘recruited’ by Erol Musliu (Zaev’s man in DBK). The VMRO-DMNE coordinator was paid 250,000 euros.

  • Maco

    Absolute scumbags

    • Legenda Patriot

      Yes, time for a complete cleansing of all rubbish.

  • V.M.

    Every minute Mickoski keeps this traitors in his party, it will only speed up the demise of VMRO

  • Goran Stavreski

    Абе тука кје им го видиш мозокот. Предавниците во ВМРО мислеа дека нема да ги пазиме?
    Абре луѓе кај мене дедо ми има 85 години па сам отиде да пази кој предавник ќе гласа. Се врткаше во населба 4 сати… и виде некој негов познаник пензионер како гласа, па еве го уште го колне, сака да оди да го тепа со мотика. И предавниците од ВМРО мислеа дека никој нема да ги пази?