VMRO MPs 2.5m cash, 2 month police protection and political asylum – SDSM MPs: what about us?


Popular Macedonian analyst Aleksandar Pandov has spoken and confirmed the report from last week.

Indeed, sports bags with cash, 2.5m euros/dollars depending on the MP’s preference were offered to VMRO MPs.

There are few of them who are negotiation with Baily and the new UK Ambassador through Zaev. Some of these MPs have already met with the US Ambassador as we had noted few days ago. The speculations are that VMRO’s Rangelova is one of them. They don’t seem to realize they will get played. Will take the cash, will wire them to an Anglo-American Bank where it will be endlessly frozen until they do “more favors” for them. Trifun Kostovski, Mijalkov, Crvenkovski… have some experience with this.

Treasonous VMRO MPs know that their continuing life in Macedonia will be impossible, so after the vote and while they’re awaiting political asylum documents, MPs have requested 24 hours police protection in front of their homes. Others have requested a new temporary apartment/house with police protection as their homes were deemed unsafe.

The number of these MPs is relatively low, however MINA finds there are great deal of efforts to recruit more, with even more cash, coercion or both… everything is in play.

Macedonia, an open Bazaar – SDSM MPs Ask “Why is Cash offered to VMRO MPs and Not Us?”

Numerous SDSM MPs have been very upset that huge sums of money are being offered to VMRO MPs for a vote, but not to them.
At least 20 MPs have now asked Zaev between 500,000 – 1 million euros cash for a vote, otherwise many have stated they would not vote.

The vote is slated for Monday, October 15th, it doesn’t look good, which leads to this…


Posted by Goce Nikoloski on Wednesday, October 10, 2018