VMRO: Policemen didn’t issues Passports to criminals without Zaev & Spasovski’s approval


The rule of law ends where SDSM, Zaev and Spasovski begin. Who normal would believe that police officers themselves, without the knowledge of superiors appointed directly by Spasovski, issued passports to drug bosses on their own?, reacted the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, after the press conference of the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski where he provided details on the case with the issuance of Macedonian passports to foreign nationals by using identities of citizens of Macedonia who did not own personal documents at the time.

The opposition party asks whether according to the mafia, lowly ranked employees at MoI are to be blamed for the issuance of passports to drug lords?

The Ministry of Interior says that the action against the mafia started a year ago, although such a passport was issued 4 years ago. This action was launched by VMRO temporary Minister of Interior Nake Culev, which means that the SDSM slept through the previous 3 years, and after Culev was replaced they shelved all of their crimes, says Mickoski.