VMRO wants elections in November??!


Just when you think VMRO can’t get more lost, here comes MP and one of their senior officials Trajko Slavevski claiming early elections were possible in November! If you look at your calendar, it’s right around the corner, some 40 odd days away.
Later in the interview Slavevski adds elections were possible in the Spring. Then why even mention November and two other dates in December? We just had a Referendum 10 days ago!

With Baily’s Przino agreement which worked out very, very well for the SDSM, The VMRO cretins gave up all Departments in their Government (police, finances, Gruevski left 6 months earlier…), gave the SDSM 100 day window to prepare the field, replace hundreds of policemen and install heads of police in virtually every municipality to better manage their crimes and Election Fraud. It was carefully planned operation that has since extended to what we witnessed in the Referendum – it’s no small thing to stuff 150-200,000 ballots and go on your merry way like nothing happened.

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100 days? No Thanks

Now, the VMRO apparently plans on keeping a criminal SDSM administration who committed the largest election fraud in history, and is okay with (very) early elections by ignoring the Przino agreement that their sellout Nikola Todorov signed. SDSM is very nervous about giving VMRO 100 days, for obvious reasons. But the insanity which has become a synonym with VMRO is that the party is also not keen on respecting an agreement that would clearly benefit them. Why?

Why is this caricature Trajko Slavevski against the 100 day time-frame? The agreement itself was absolutely anti constitutional, it is illegal, but it will benefit the party because the tide has turned, they’re the opposition now. In addition, we certainly hope the DPNE are not serious about their plan to push Slavevski as a presidential candidate, he is just not cut out for it.

Slavevski’s interview and throwing around dates like “November” for early elections coincides with a statement by Stoltenberg who out of nowhere claimed Macedonia would join NATO in January. The plantation owner in Washington with its vassals in Brussels, London and Berlin is not giving up on its creation, the Prespa capitulation.

For the DPNE now, the logical thing is to respect the illegal document they signed.
Used condoms Zaev and Spasovski must quit 100 days before early elections are scheduled per the Przino agreement.
If our math is correct, early elections should be held at the end of February considering Zaev will need few weeks to ponder who does he need to give money back to…


  • Maco

    I feel sorry for President Ivanov. He must think his political party, the dpmne, is full of dumb kunts. Every move and decision they make causes me to think they do not want to win an election as they do not have the conviction, bravery, intelligence or desire to protect macedonia and the people.

    • Goran Stavreski

      Ivanov wanted to call in the Army to intervene and arrest everyone in Parliament on April 27, the DPNE stopped him as they offered him no support, telling him he is on his own…

  • Hope

    Why is there so much emphasis on EU and Nato, from my understanding Macedonia currently has a strategic partnership with the US. Why not focus on the economy stupid! 2.5 million people with some of the greatest natural resources in Europe. How about rooting out the corruption and making Macedonia the most prosperous region in the balkans! Guess it makes too much sense.
    Also, the only government that did anything positive for the economy was Gruevski’s. Wether you agree with me or not, before his time in power Skopje, the capitol, looked like one big village. His plan has brought millions of tourists and revenue to the country. The same plan should have also been imposed with every major city in the country.
    Furthermore, this whole Russian/American seesaw is not good for us. We stay neutral and worry about our selves!
    Furthermore, I hate to say it but we do need to set up some kind of peace accord with the Greeks. There is no reason that Christians can’t find common ground with the imminent threat of Islam lurking around the corner. The same should also be done with Serbs and Bulgars! Leave the history to the historians!
    Finally, the communists/socialists are the mother of every single detriment to the Macedonian people since the end of the ottoman era. They have stolen our freedom and religion and are the reason we have been in mental bondage ever since.
    If you look back in history, every single thing that has negatively happened to the Macedonian people is a direct result of the socialists. Even to this present day.
    Zeav! Do I need to collaborate?