Volunteers and firemen save Treskavec monastery near Prilep


Stanko Koleski, commander of the Prilep fire brigade, informed that the forest fire that endangered the Treskavec monastery has been put under control. More than 100 volunteers responded to the call from Mayor Marjan Risteski and helped the firefighters protect the 13th century monastery.

The fire is still active in the direction of the villages of Gorno Selo and Mramorani, where it spreads among dry grass, and 30 men are working to keep it under control. Alarm was sounded on Wednesday evening that the priceless mountainous monastery, which houses the church of Assumption of Mary, is threatened by the forest fire.

“Two other major forest fires are active in the region of Prilep. We have 150 hectares of mixed forest burning in a rugged terrain near Bonce and Krusevica. And for five or six days now we have an active fire near Nikodin, in 250 hectares of oak forest. A helicopter intervened yesterday and we expect the Canadair planes to act today”, said Koleski.