Wedding fight in Serbia over woman keeping her last name


In Leskovac, Serbia, a brawl broke out after a bride decided to keep her last name.

Before the young couple was pronounced ‘married’, the official asked the bride if she wanted to keep her last name or to accept her husband’s surname.

The young bride, indifferent to the customs in the south of Serbia, said that she is keeping her last name and adding the last name of her husband at the end.

After she said that, reports Alo, someone in the crowd yelled… ‘Whore!’. What bride doesn’t want to hear that at a wedding?
As it turns out, the individual who yelled that out was none other, but the father of the groom who apparently couldn’t believe the wife of his only son was keeping her last name.

People were shocked by the outburst. “At first there was silence in the hall, then a little bit of noise, then all hell broke out which led to a massive brawl” reports, Alo citing one of the musicians present at the wedding.

After the initial outburst, the youth on both sides remained cool and collected, gave the rings, and the local official quickly pronounced the couple married. He simply knew what was coming.

The wedding started off in a very tense atmosphere, reports Alo, but after two hours into the wedding a massive brawl erupted and the wedding celebration was cut short.

After exchanging some justice, the guests left, and even better, no one contacted the police in Leskovac, reports Alo. This marriage is going to last – if they all agreed not to contact authorities, say what you say, but things are looking good for this couple.

  • V.M.

    Weddings are way more exciting when the two sides square off. You wonder, who’s gonna win? Always bet on the side that has more guests.

  • jj

    In the U.S., if the authorities/police were called, then someone would probably end up dead.

    I see nothing wrong with the wife keeping her family’s name if she also adds the husband’s. In this way you can see more of the family tree in the name.

  • V.M.

    A friend of mine was thrilled when his wife kept her name, not even adding his.
    His comment was: Kids have my name, one day I’ll tell them she is not even their mother.