What a loss! Sekerinska resigning from SDSM VP post


I received a question from my municipal organization whether I am a candidate, I said I am not, because I think that both SDSM and the political scene of the Republic of Macedonia move forward when they constantly produce new staff, said the Minister of Defense and current Vice President of SDSM, Radmila Sekerinska, answering a question if she will keep the position of Vice President of SDSM after the party congress in May, thus announcing that she is resigning from the party position.

She said that at no point did she participate in a discussion related to the candidate for Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Washington.

At no point did I participate in a discussion on this topic. That topic was interesting for the public for a long time, there was information, misinformation, denials. I think it is a topic that should not be discussed like this. This is a very important place, it is a place that becomes especially important considering that the newly elected president (of the United States) is coming with a new, more active policy in the Balkans, she said.