What did Athens get from Zaev? Much more than a name

Oва е договорот што се очекува да го потпишат Заев и Ципрас
  • jj

    Does Macedonia want to be in NATO? Will it damage its relationship with Russia? NATO has become an aggressive organization and is not defensive.

    • Goran Stavreski

      All NATO (US Inc) wants is 200m/year from Macedonian taxpayers….

      • jj

        They want more than that – they want to control everything and leave no country neutral. They will always need a bad guy though, so they will focus against Russia.
        They also like a “gang”/help to go beat up on a country which is resisting their efforts to install a puppet government and leader. That way, instead of just the U.S. doing it alone, it appears as if “the world” or “international community” is against the targeted country.