What did Putin mean by De-Nazification of Ukraine?


Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis, literally. Both their Government and Military. Official schoolbooks have been changed where Russians are the bad guys in WW2, while the Nazi collaborators are the good guys.

Ukraine’s military is led by the so called Azov followers who are known for systematically killing Russians all over Ukraine, starting with the 50+ Russians that were locked in a building in Odessa and burned alive back in 2014. Since 2014 to 2022, nearly 3,000 Russian civilians have been killed in Donbass alone.

Official Kiev not just that it applauded such killings, but lately it said they’ll restart their nuclear program and of course join NATO.

To give you an idea of who has taken over Ukraine with US and British assistance, the same Ukrainian Nazis are today killing Ukrainians in the city of Mariupol for simply trying to leave the city and refusing to fight (video below).

The other video below are Russian civilians who are nailed to a cross and burned alive by Ukrainian Nazis simply for being Russians. You won’t see this on BBC or NBC.

It’s not shocking Moscow intervened in Ukraine, what is shocking is that they waited 8 years.

Ukraine’s Army puts Artillery between Residential Buildings despite being asked by Civilians to leave the area