What DPNE clowns are financing…


We’ve repeatedly pointed out that no one in Macedonia, certainly no political party represents Macedonians. Of that we see proof on daily basis.
First, the DPNE quit Parliament, but Governor Baily made them go back to it just in time when the SDS was “passing” the laws for name change, the language law etc etc.

Then, we saw a split within the DPNE, where (one) MP from the getgo stated the Referendum must be boycotted – and that man was Miloshoski. The Tetovo born MP seems to be a one man show. Is this why he was the first target of the SDS junta who placed a bomb at his parents home? Is Miloshoski not a good fit for the new structure in the DPNE, a structure that includes morons the likes of Aleksandar Nikoloski?

Meanwhile, in the beginning of August, Mickoski stated he would vote “no” in the referendum. You can’t get more bought than this. After pressure from the public to boycott the referendum, Mickoski now claims he is holding ‘strategic’ discussions within the party and will decide soon. Hopefully the discussions are a bit more strategic than our relationship with our so called ‘strategic partners’.

The fact that the DPNE has to allegedly discuss whether to commit national suicide is truly disturbing, but not surprising if one looks at their political audit trail since 2010…

And if you need a bit more evidence where they stand, here is MakTel describing the passing of our legend and great Macedonian patriot Vanco Petrushevski.

MakTel is financed by DPNE Vice President Mitko Janchev and Gruevski’s cousin and DPNE icon Sasho Mijalkov.