What is the position visavi the Referendum for Gruevski, Mijalkov, Protugjer, Jankulovska…?


The entire former DPNE leadership, with many still holding ties to the party in one form or another have remained silent on their stance visavi the Referendum.

Whether you look at Gruevski, Bocevski, Jankulovska, Mijalkov, Protugjer, Krstevski… not one of them have made their position clear. Is it because all of them spend majority of their days in Courts facing made up charges by Jess Baily and the SDSM junta?

There are already speculations that Gruevski, Protugjer and Mijalkov are ‘negotiating’ with Baily dropping of their made up charges and removal of Gruevski’s 2 year jail sentence in exchange for Referendum support.

The Appelate Court run by SDSM is taking far too long to ‘review’ Gruevski’s appeal of his 2 year jail sentence, considering judge Kacarska from the same Court handed down Gruevski’s sentence to begin with.

DPNE’s Antonio Miloshoski and Dafina Stojanovska are the rare MPs who from the getgo called for a boycott.
It would be foolish to think that there are no negotiations between Baily and at least some of the DPNE leadership, otherwise they would have made their stance known long ago.

It appears, at least the speculation is that at the very least ‘some’ of the DPNE leadership plans to support Zaev and make the announcement days before the Referendum.
But first, lets await what Baily’s Constitutional Court will decide tomorrow afternoon.